creative briefs

Let's start with Jeremy Bullmore's insight on insights - why is a good insight like a refrigerator?



The IPA has a mini library of creative briefs from different agencies for you to compare-and-contrast.


A little history of briefs and some models that should work too.


Interesting presentation on how to write a good creative brief and the briefing process from Black Pencil Academy (Leo Burnett), Toronto. I discovered it during a training session in Dec 2005 when I was at Bates Asia (Kolkata) Here it is:

Writing good creative briefs.ppt



A tip: Don't obsess about the creative brief to the detriment of the creative briefing. Sad to say, but I've worked with planners who spent days and days agonising over the document, and then more or less dropped it on a creative's desk and ran away. I've always found that chatting to the creatives before you even out pen to paper is incredibly useful -this engagement is the start of the briefing process. And when it comes time to formally brief the teams, don't just turn up with a copy of your agencies template. Bring some flavour along to inspire them -maybe some movie clips or a storybook or a song...



Here's a version of a brief that lived on the Miami Ad School's web site quite a while back. It was most likely done by one of their students in the planning bootcamp program so take it for what it's worth. It's certainly worth a look to spark some thoughts on a different way you could approach writing your briefs.